Swimming Pool Construction in Austin

KB Custom Pools, reputed and professional Pool builders of Austin, Texas want you to rest assured and not worry about the swimming pool construction process. Our process is non-invasive and we use the highest quality products. All of our employees are bonded and insured.


LayoutYour designer will meet with you and your superintendent to lay your swimming pool out and prepare for excavation.


ExcavationAn expert excavator will begin your construction and break ground using a bobcat or full size loader.


SteelKB Pools uses 1/2″ high grade steel in every custom swimming pool we build. A stronger steel equals a stronger cage.


PlumbingA master plumber will arive at your home and within 48 hours your plumbing will be completed. We keep all lines pressurized during the entire construction to ensure your new plumbing is not compromised during pool construction.


GuniteWe use 100% Gunite when shooting the walls and floors of your swimming pool. A thicker shell and stronger material will ensure your pool shell will never crack and leak.


Gunite 2Your new shell needs water. It will need to be watered for 7 straight days. This will slow the curing process and again ensure the integrity of your pool shell.


TileOur master Mason’s can install a large variety of materials and styles to accomodate your particular taste and likes. From Travertine to Flagstone we install it all.


DeckingWe carry a large variety of decking choices that can be introduced to your swimming pool to make a complete project. From heat resistant decking to stamped and stained concrete, we do it all.


PlasterKB Pools have several different choices when choosing a plaster. Quartz, Pebble, and all kinds of plaster shades provide the perfect plaster for your project.


Start UpA trained professional will meet with you to program and start your new KB Custom Swimming Pool. Our digital control center makes it easy to own a pool without the headaches.


EnjoyEnjoy the fact you have joined one of the fastest growing swimming pool companies in the industry. Enjoy the maintenance free paradise you now own. Enjoy your new KB Custom Pool.